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One of my Avatars is a teacher and my love of jewelry is a part of my cultural heritage. I find gems and beads fascinating due to their endless colors and shapes.
I collect gems and have read a lot about their chemical composition and molecular structures. There is still so much to learn. I also love gardening and have a nice but small garden.
I am an ardent customer of Handmade Items especially Jewelry. Since I like jewelry of all types I wanted to make some myself. I took classes in Syracuse University and Munson William Proctor Art institute in jewelry making, enameling, lapidary, cold connections and metal working.
I also took some beading classes and found myself enthralled with the variety and variations in the beaded necklaces that I was able to create. I designed a few pieces from drawings that I created of my grandmother's jewelry and many Mughalai pieces I had seen in some museums and magazines. I could not stop.
I have chosen Shrishti as the brand name for my work. It means creation in Sanskrit. I attach a small tag with this brand name to the pieces I create.
A shopper said this of my work and I quote "I couldn't help but notice the creativity, beauty, and fine craftsmanship of your pieces. Kudos!! "
I hope to market some of my work to support my jewelry making as a standalone activity. I hope you find my pieces attractive and well-priced and encourage my efforts.
I make only one of each of the beaded necklaces that I list. My designs may appeal to people who like rich colors of the tropics and designs not found in stores. I can personalize them for your gift giving occasions. They will make great gifts for folks who love jewelry.
I constantly look for new patterns to add to my repertoire and I am open to ideas.

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