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Ruby Charms- Victorian Style Multi Color Metal Necklace

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Victorian Style Multi Color Metal Necklace with Ruby Color Charms

This necklace reflects the timeless Victorian style fashion with its mix of gold and silver metals combined with precious stones like Rubies, Pearls, etc. Victorian style jewelry is very popular now.

Mixed metal jewelry looks are also seen on TV and in jewelry retail stores. When and where can one wear this type of jewelry?

“Any where” may be a good answer. I would wear it to work, church and any parties that I am invited to. I would be noticed at work if I wore it with my suits, on the street with my blue jeans and with some fancier togs to a Thanksgiving or Christmas party.

I recently visited my birthplace and went shopping – for jewelry of course. The rich colors and elaborate patterns that I saw on store windows were these Victorian style pieces. I had seen similar pieces in pictures of Queen Victoria that hung in libraries (in her days she was the ruling Monarch of the Common Wealth countries).

I decided to create the look in the ‘make believe world’ since the prices of precious jewelry have gone through the roof. One would probably want to buy a house with that kind of money. Obviously “real” jewelry like that would stay in the bank locker and never see the light of day.

Now to the necklace: the focal “bead” is an antique style brass finding and the brass charms have red crystals and they hang down gracefully from this focal bead. They glitter and shine against darker focal bead. The chain that holds them is white metal and has a lobster clasp. The chain is adjustable to any length.


The necklace: 24” long
The ruby crystal charms: ½ “ long
The matching French clip earrings: 1 ½ “ long and have a round crystal ball (6 mm) and the same charms as the necklace.

Care: The piece does not need any special care (no exposure to chemical sprays please) and just needs to be wiped with a chamois leather cloth and stored in tarnish proof jewelry box. Since there are many hanging parts, laying the necklace flat would be a good option

 Ruby Charms- Victorian Style Multi Color Metal Necklace  Ruby Charms- Victorian Style Multi Color Metal Necklace  Ruby Charms- Victorian Style Multi Color Metal Necklace  Ruby Charms- Victorian Style Multi Color Metal Necklace

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