Item collection 3fefc2ea f207 4b44 b8ec f038a531749c

Coral Color Beadednecklace, matching pendant and handmade copper color spacer beads, round coral and cone shape copper beads, gift for her


Item collection c3c0eef9 3b2a 4753 b8ab 9dbeea1b8749

Beadednecklace features round Turquoise and rectangular Ruby Red beads, matching double sided pendant, lovely gift for her, perfect gem hues


Item collection 83f594d3 e454 49fe 8db4 704de3b2f110

Beaded Necklace of Rhodochrosite and Lapis round beads, matching Sterling Orange Sodalite Vintage Pendant, Birthday/Anniversary gift for her


Item collection 0d0001a2 9b08 4cfd 9fa8 15d651752865

Long Beaded Necklace on a Red Patterned Greek Fabric Cord, Pink Flower Pendant and Olive Green Gem Dangle, Boho Gift, Textile Women Jewelry


Item collection f9a01b9e 83da 4337 b468 f667b0044d37

Pink Quartz Beaded Necklace with Copper and Swarovski beads, Pastel Color Necklace, Vintage Intricate Pattern Copper Pendant, Beaded Charms


Item collection 11883460 6b8b 46c0 990e 23a088e8974e

Beaded Necklace with a Large Brown Tiger Eye Pendant featured on an Ornate Brass Finding, Brown Leather, Anniversary Gift, Nice Gift for her


Item collection fa83c591 d7cb 4599 8f70 e283b1701abe

Beaded necklace with beads of different shapes and colors, ethnic design statement necklace, two strands, gift for her, boho fashion lover


Item collection 84bd1359 8cb4 44fd bb70 287f53dfaa55

Circle Pendants Beaded Necklace using a Recycled Metal Dial and Crystal Bicone Beads, Multi Color Beads, Boho, Hematite Chain, Gift for Her


Item collection e236e749 f3c1 4826 8c91 5a8f6ef4d8dc

Brown Beaded Necklace of Agate Barrel Beads, Sterling oval pendant, Lacy patterned Agate Gems, Natural gems in Shades of Brown, Gift for her


Item collection 6fc1b1b7 8c1d 4927 bcc3 4d83bb45e7b1

Yellow beaded earrings with laser cut brown leather, intricate scroll design leather, round jade bead, Chandelier shape earrings, her gift


Item collection 29565634 19df 45e1 8750 a2704f8286b8

Crystal Beaded Necklace on a Brown Nylon Rope, Festive Colors, Red and Clear Crystals, Black Enamel Brass Focal Bead, Christmas Gift for her


Item collection 2c829e83 c7cb 494e abe8 ed4cc39f59fa

Metal Mesh Long Beaded Necklace with Green, Yellow and White Ceramic Beads, Silver Filigree Beads strung on Blue Leather Cord, Gift for Her


Item collection bb796ee2 dabd 41e2 82f5 d0e1774d8042

Brown Mirage Beaded Necklace with a large Brown Tassel Pendant, Brown Leather, Long Tassel, Mirage Beads, Bead Accents


Item collection ebad27d9 b4a7 473e 9ccf b7e872196c41

Choker, Swarovski Pearls, Golden Avocado, Women Jewelry, Brass Charm, Ornate Gem Clasp, Gold Charms, Avocado Green, Weddings, Rare Bead Gift


Item collection 1c8881da 31fa 422f a726 fa1183d8e341

Agate, Brown Beads, Round Beads, Natural Beads, Hand Knotted Beads, Gold Focal Beads, Choker, Toggle Clasp, Women, Jewelry, Necklace, Gift


Item collection c43b43d2 19fb 4c3e 948d 3bde2b26a742

Murlo Pearls, Coin Pearls, Necklace, Pendant Necklace, Natural Pearls, Women Fashion, Gift For Her, Silver Tone, Toggle Clasp, Birthday Gift


Item collection 0c7aecbf 6c38 440a 9cfc f02b685d2662

Purple Beaded Necklace - Ceramic Round and Barrel Beads on a Red Leather Cord, Polka Dot and Striped Beads, Handcrafted Gift, Christmas Gift


Item collection d21a7475 9037 4bee 92f9 b3198a50136d

Moon Phases Choker, Celestial Signs, Brown Pearl Necklace, Beaded Necklace, Sterling Charms, Gift for Her, Anniversary Gift, Women Jewelry


Item collection 661d0ab6 2b7b 43c2 9535 452920eb62db

Grey Beaded necklace with Multirow beads and leaf charms, Iridescent Pearls, Grey seed and Austrian Glass Beads, Metal Charms, Mother Gift


Item collection 5ce00a5c e27f 4d99 8647 2f749b1d0baa

Brown Beaded Necklace - Bead Jewelry Gift, Oval Agate Bead Pendant and Oval Agate and Round Glass Beads, Wire Wrap Pendant, Anniversary Gift


Item collection a6c2f053 906a 4e54 8d6a 908e062a11e1

Bead Necklace, Green Spike Beads, Orange Pearls, Orange Green Necklace, Spring Colors, Gift For Her, Anniversary Gift, Birthday Gift, Gift


Item collection e4e41767 e38d 4bee b15b bd4f6cfd3fee

Pink Bead Bracelet, Natural Opal Beads, Heart Charm, Mother Gift, Crystal Flower Charm, Adjustable Length, Sterling Clasp, Large Square Bea


Item collection 61e876fa f319 4180 8531 5051252a3290

Bracelet, Woven Leather Bracelet, Loden Leather, Ceramic Slider, Brass Pattern Slider, Magnetic Clasp, Leather Brass Bracelet, Gift For Her


Item collection 241b4f93 824c 46f7 b812 08816be857bf

Red Coral, Choker, Neck Wire, Bamboo Coral, Coral Pendant, Mother's Day, Gift for Her, Large Natural Coral, Statement Necklace, Necklace


Item collection 1918394e 39ba 4bba bb78 cdd467ef72f0

Long beaded necklace with multi color Lady Bug Beads, Green Glass Flowers on a Green Leaf dangling from a GunMetal Link Chain, Gift for her


Item collection b172c415 16c5 4ffb 9b06 718c9d8ef3c0

Green Beaded Necklace, Statement Pendant Necklace, Gift for Mother, Wedding Gift, Mother of the Bride Gift, Classic Style, Gift for her


Item collection 0b0cfc12 49d1 4171 b06b 1a9d5d1a5720

Denim Leather, Choker, Pendant Necklace, Natural Gems Pendant, Classic Necklace, Chic Style, Denim Green Yellow Gems, Gift, Women Jewelry


Item collection 70c16e4c 2895 4d81 826b 7cab080cff08

Leather Necklace, New Orleans Gumbo, Sea Food Gumbo, Pendant Necklace, Ceramic Beads, Cajun Sea Food Beads, Hand Painted Beads, Gift For Her


Item collection ff865505 493a 469d 9f3e 7821c76eebac

Blue Bead Necklace- Long Dangling Bead Necklace Handmade with Small and Large Blue Beads on a Silver Link Chain, Round Dangle Beads, Gift


Item collection 6a3892e0 561b 4067 a42a f7b9283d85ba

Metal Link necklace, Green Bead Necklace, Filigree medallion necklace, Cat's eye bead necklace, Olive green beads, Bohochick, Gift for her


Item collection 379a0701 2076 4491 89db bef5f488faec

Necklace, leather necklace, pearl necklace, pastel pink necklace, crystal spacer necklace, pastel bead necklace, gift for her, boho necklace


Item collection 979deea2 d365 406b a20b 86cd108b988c

Statement Necklace, Fashion Jewelry, Shell Pendant, Papua Shell, Metal Mesh Necklace, Crystal Embellishments, Gold Bead Accent, Gift for her


Item collection b7a55a66 1666 4cf7 bcde 599997a18ec0

Bead Necklace, Ceramic Bead Necklace, Two Row Necklace, Leather Ceramic Bead Necklace, Multi Color Bead Necklace, Gift for her, Adjustable


Item collection 13e79bf7 2657 4d0f bf68 2fb6194aadfa

Gold Beaded Necklace using Black and Gold Fabric, Large round brass beads and Black Pendant with Exotic Clasp, Festive Look, Gift for Her


Item collection d23ae4ae bb0c 47de 81a0 68d731eb20c6

Pink Cross Necklace, Swarovski Pink Crystal, Pink Crystal Cross, Cross Connector, Link Chain, Gold Cross Necklace, Adjustable Necklace, Gift


Item collection 3d0c7be0 e63a 4d28 a2be e7aaa63ae374

Rainbow Topaz necklace, Mystic Topaz, Swarowski Crystal necklace, Five crystal pendant, Hematite Chain, earrings gift, For lovers of colors


Item collection dab24faf 97d1 4eb9 8a31 839dabd60417

Bead Necklace, Merlot Wine Beads, Carved Ebony Beads, Cord Necklace, Mixed Media Necklace, Natural Beads, Gold Connectors, Nylon Cord, Gift


Item collection 10fa7cb2 6a19 4e60 b26f c321990ef56c

Yellow Beaded Necklace on a nylon cord featuring Green Ceramic and Focal Silver Tube Beads, Unisex gift, Gift for Athletes, magnetic clasp


Item collection cf721d62 a7e5 4d7a 9010 2cdbc8b8f05b

Steampunk Necklace, Recycled Watch Parts, Suede Leather Cord, Mystic Topaz, Swarovski Crystal, Yellow Leather Cord, Adjustable length, Gift


Item collection 238c7031 4a29 41e0 8d2b e33d6cbd9f0f

Beaded necklace of Pearls, Freshwater Multicolor Pearls, Blue, Brown and White Pearls, Round pearls, Gold Chain, Black Leather, mother gift


Item collection 4483470f 58b7 4dec 976e b8772f0fd412

Beaded Necklace with Opalite and Amethyst stick Beads- Birthdays- Gift for October and February Birthdays -Gift for her - two row necklace


Item collection c6a49abf 2734 46b8 a972 bf6249642011

Red Leather, Woven leather, Necklace, Gold, Ornate Pendant, Woven Leather, Flower pendant, Gift for her, Red color lovers, Gold findings,


Item collection 5b4b2983 2d9f 4507 94df dac1e5a718e2

Sterling Beaded Necklace, Christmas Gift for some special, Sterling silver set, Druzy Cross Pendant, Silver Druzy, Sterling Silver Ensemble


Item collection adf5ad37 cf21 4849 8519 e2938eb13a2a

Chrysanthemum Flowers, Flower Beads, Grey Ivory flowers, Shell necklace, Statement Necklace, Grey Ivory Necklace, Mother of Pearl Beads


Item collection e8efd0c4 4bf8 4f52 a9e0 6ad0d43c5f85

Green Wire Mesh Necklace, Natural Carnelian Pendant, CZ accents, Grapes on the Wine, Orange Green Necklace, Natural Gem Pendant


Item collection 01b0df4a 61ff 4a6b ad02 12785bc95109

Statement Brass Pendant, Orange and Olive Beads, Brown Leather Necklace, Caged Bead Pendant, Step Ladder Pendant, Magnetic Clasp


Item collection ce761614 2f28 4d94 8d33 e5894998a794

Ivory Bead Necklace, Acrylic Ivory Beads, Nylon Cord, Avant Garde Necklace, Conflict Free Ivory, Beaded Necklace, Gift for Ivory Fans


Item collection 7f3c3ec9 9bc2 4887 b28c d24e9fd4658c

Long Beaded necklace with faux Amethyst Pendant, February Birthstone, Color Change Bead Charm, Butterfly Charm, White Metal Necklace, Gift


Item collection a505f01a 1a45 4c4f 8e50 15009d768105

Swarovski Orange Gem Necklace, Opaque Gem Necklace, Hematite Metal Necklace, Choker, Adjustable Necklace, Orange Black Choker, Gift for her


Item collection a6c9ac60 61b2 4c08 8907 63052b1fef79

Orange Beaded Necklace featuring Petite Coral Dangling Beads, Gold Plated metal chain, Orange Bead Clusters, Anniversary Gift, Women Jewelry


Item collection 35c2e94e bff9 408d 9d50 0be8afac64dd

Red Enamel Heart Necklace - Black Leather Cord - Gift for her-- For Red - Black Color lovers


Item collection 0d73512a 1f76 477b 8062 bf84d2d0284c

Portuguese Cork, Pendant Necklace Ensemble, White Cork Cord, Flower Pendant, White Metal Stations, Matching Bracelet


Item collection 06815fc0 f134 48f8 8dd0 df185340a018

Brown Beads, Natural Tiger eye, Natural gems, Tiger Eye Beads, Pearls, Beaded necklaces, Recycled MOP beads, Boho Style, Necklace, Gift


Item collection 6290868 original

Jade drops - "Grapes on the Vine" WireWrap Pendant -Necklace- Matching Earrings


Item collection 6400796 original

Pastel Beaded Necklace, Long Lariat, Black Metal Chain, Wire Wrapped Beads, Pendant Necklace, Multi shape Beads, Hand Crafted, Gift for her


Item collection 5647388 original

Boho Jewelry, Silk Cords, Vintage Lee Sands Earrings, Matching Red Shell Inlay Pendant on Silk , Unique Style, Gift for her, Jewelry Set


Item collection 3662942 original

Tiger Eye & Freshwater Pearl Charms- Yellow Ribbon Necklace


Item collection 3662946 original

Triple Mixed Strand Necklace-Two Metal Strands and One Pearl Strand with Swarovski beads


Item collection 3662951 original

Chartruese & Gold Bead Drops- Woven Leather & Gold Link Chain-Black Nylon Chord


Item collection 3662991 original

Long beaded necklace, inlay mosaic stations, wire wrapped blue and yellow beads, asymmetric design, aqua lapis bead stations, Boho, Gift


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