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SOLD- Turquoise, Lapis Inlay, Gem Pendant, Choker, Gold Plated Chain, Anniversary, Classic Style, Timeless Style, Matching Hoop Earrings


Item collection 3662942 original

Tiger Eye & Freshwater Pearl Charms- Yellow Ribbon Necklace


Item collection 3662946 original

Triple Mixed Strand Necklace-Two Metal Strands and One Pearl Strand with Swarovski beads


Item collection 3662951 original

Chartruese & Gold Bead Drops- Woven Leather & Gold Link Chain-Black Nylon Chord


Item collection 3662976 original

Greta Garbo Style - Amber & White Necklace - Opera Length with White Metal Chain


Item collection 3662986 original

Pink Quartz Carved Beads statement necklace with a large exotic gold color pendant in rich colors


Item collection 3662991 original

Blue & Gold Wire Wrapped Beads, Mosaic Inlay Accents necklace in an Asymmetric design


Item collection 3663006 original

Multicolor Bead Ensemble with Beads in Colors of the Rainbow and Brass Stations


Item collection 3663011 original

Bead within a Bead design of carved natural opaque agate - Beads with a Pupa look necklace


Item collection 3663020 original

Chartreuse Bead Accents, Green Color Seed Beads and Beautiful Green Flower Charms necklace


Item collection 3663024 original

Mint Green Jade Flowers & Deep Green Jade Beads on a Neck Wire and Gold Link Chain necklace


Item collection 3663029 original

Keisha Pearl Pendant with charm & Brown Silk Wrapped "Beads" - a great fashion statement


Item collection 3663034 original

Italian Micro Mosaic Flower Pendant - Dangling Charms and Red Bead Stations- antique gold chain


Item collection 3663063 original

Tribal Fetish Bone Pendant with scripts and charms on a Leather Chord Necklace


Item collection 4136644 original

SOLD- Ruby Charms- Victorian Style Multi Color Metal Necklace


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Brown Beads, Natural Tiger eye, Natural gems, Tiger Eye Beads, Pearls, Beaded necklaces, Recycled MOP beads, Boho Style, Necklace, Gift


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Roses, Flowers, Rose Flower, Ceramic Pendant, Brass Bead Necklace, Women Fashion, Necklace, Jewelry, Gift, For Women, Matching Earrings


Item collection 5649508 original

SOLD- Blue Millefiori Glass Bead Ensemble- Wire Wrapped Necklace, Bracelet & Matching Earrings


Item collection 5647388 original

ViIntage Lee Sands Earrings - Red Shell Inlay Pendant on Silk


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