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Crystal Beaded Necklace on a Brown Nylon Rope, Festive Colors, Red and Clear Crystals, Black Enamel Brass Focal Bead, Christmas Gift for her


Item collection 2c829e83 c7cb 494e abe8 ed4cc39f59fa

Metal Mesh Long Beaded Necklace with Green, Yellow and White Ceramic Beads, Silver Filigree Beads strung on Blue Leather Cord, Gift for Her


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Brown Mirage Beaded Necklace with a large Brown Tassel Pendant, Brown Leather, Long Tassel, Mirage Beads, Bead Accents


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Green Beaded Long Necklace featuring a large Green Jade Doughnut Pendant on a Green Silk Cord, Macrame Clasp, Boho, Yellow Ceramic Beads


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Denim Leather, Choker, Pendant Necklace, Natural Gems Pendant, Classic Necklace, Chic Style, Denim Green Yellow Gems, Gift, Women Jewelry


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Leather Necklace, New Orleans Gumbo, Sea Food Gumbo, Pendant Necklace, Ceramic Beads, Cajun Sea Food Beads, Hand Painted Beads, Gift For Her


Item collection 979deea2 d365 406b a20b 86cd108b988c

Statement Necklace, Fashion Jewelry, Shell Pendant, Papua Shell, Metal Mesh Necklace, Crystal Embellishments, Gold Bead Accent, Gift for her


Item collection 13e79bf7 2657 4d0f bf68 2fb6194aadfa

Gold Beaded Necklace using Black and Gold Fabric, Large round brass beads and Black Pendant with Exotic Clasp, Festive Look, Gift for Her


Item collection 10fa7cb2 6a19 4e60 b26f c321990ef56c

Yellow Beaded Necklace on a nylon cord featuring Green Ceramic and Focal Silver Tube Beads, Unisex gift, Gift for Athletes, magnetic clasp


Item collection cf721d62 a7e5 4d7a 9010 2cdbc8b8f05b

Steampunk Necklace, Recycled Watch Parts, Suede Leather Cord, Mystic Topaz, Swarovski Crystal, Yellow Leather Cord, Adjustable length, Gift


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Green Enamel Pendant Necklace on a Pink and Blue Silk Cord, Macrame Cord Necklace, Boho Style, Adjustable length, Mother Gift, Anniversary G


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Brown Beaded necklace with Keisha Pearl Pendant, Brown Silk Wrapped "Beads", Brown and Cream necklace, Gift for her, Brown Link choker, gift


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Tribal Fetish Bone Pendant with scripts and charms on a Leather Chord Necklace


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