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Rainbow Topaz necklace, Mystic Topaz, Swarowski Crystal necklace, Five crystal pendant, Hematite Chain, earrings gift, For lovers of colors


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Bead Necklace, Merlot Wine Beads, Carved Ebony Beads, Cord Necklace, Mixed Media Necklace, Natural Beads, Gold Connectors, Nylon Cord, Gift


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Chrysanthemum Flowers, Flower Beads, Grey Ivory flowers, Shell necklace, Statement Necklace, Grey Ivory Necklace, Mother of Pearl Beads


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Green Wire Mesh Necklace, Natural Carnelian Pendant, CZ accents, Grapes on the Wine, Orange Green Necklace, Natural Gem Pendant


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Oxidized Metal Necklace - Wire Wrapped Beads Charm Pendant


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Tiger Eye & Freshwater Pearl Charms- Yellow Ribbon Necklace


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Chartruese & Gold Bead Drops- Woven Leather & Gold Link Chain-Black Nylon Chord


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SOLD- Ruby Charms- Victorian Style Multi Color Metal Necklace


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