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Red Leather Necklace, Gold Ornate Pendant, Woven Leather, Flower pendant, Gift for her, Red color lovers, Gold findings


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Statement Brass Pendant, Orange and Olive Beads, Brown Leather Necklace, Caged Bead Pendant, Step Ladder Pendant, Magnetic Clasp


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Red Enamel Heart Necklace - Black Leather Cord - Gift for her-- For Red - Black Color lovers


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April Birthstone Diamond - Give her a Rhinestone Heart Pendant, Black Necklace, Macrame Clasp, Adjustable length,Gift for heart lovers


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Choker, Dalmatian Agate, Silver Woven Leather, Sterling Silver Pendant


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ViIntage Lee Sands Earrings - Red Shell Inlay Pendant on Silk


BEADEDNECKLACESHOPPE- A Boutique for Handmade jewelry- free shipping

Hello there! Welcome to my boutique. All my items ship free within the US, Canada and Mexico.

Browse my shop for Beaded Necklaces and other jewelry in rich tropical colors and designs not found in stores and not recreated. You are the only one who has the beaded jewelry you got from Zibbet.

I can personalize your jewelry by adding birthstone colors and charms with initials. Some of my beaded necklaces have matching pieces.

My designs are inspired by the rich colors and exotic designs of the tropics. My necklaces are timeless in appeal and always fashionable.

A shopper said this of my work and I quote "I couldn't help but notice the creativity, beauty, and fine craftsmanship of your pieces. Kudos!! "

I may make some funky necklaces now and again when I get inspired by something I see or I have a request from a customer. I make just one of each of my necklaces.

So look around for something that catches your fancy. And thanks for stopping by.